Seminar Series

Fall 2013 / Spring 2014

All seminars are held in the Harvard University Herbaria Seminar Room at 12:00pm, unless otherwise notified.

Sept. 3 Elena Kramer Understanding Petal Homology in the Ranunculaceae
Sept. 10 Ailene Ettinger Testing the limits: effects of climate & competition on tree ranges in a warming world.
Sept. 17 Charles Willis “The Role of Dispersal and Adaptive Divergence in the Diversification and Speciation of the Tribe Brassiceae and Genus Cakile”
Sept. 24 TBA TBA
Oct. 1 Craig Brodersen Visualizing wood anatomy and xylem function in 3D: new insights into the structure and function of plant vascular systems.
Oct. 15 Kuang-chi Hung Ginseng, Giant Salamander, and Darwin; or, East Asia in the;First Darwinian Debate in the United States"
Oct. 22 TBA TBD
Oct. 29 Markus Reichstein "Terrestrial climate-carbon cycle extremes: quantification, association with climate, and implications"
Nov. 5 No seminar TBD
Nov. 12 Koen Hufkens Central Congo Basin Diameter-Height Relationships and canopy structure, a regional assessment.
Nov. 19 Min Ya TBD
Nov. 28 Kaare Jensen TDB
Dec. 3 Levi Yant "Clines, hybrids, and duplicates: Genome scanning shows pathways to intragenomic adaptation."
Dec. 10 Jim Wheeler Special Seminar: Thesis Defense
Jan. 28 TBA Job Talks
Feb. 4 TBA Job Talks
Feb. 11 Keven Wright "Selection on standing genetic variation contributes to adaptation in divergent environmnets."
Feb. 18 Xi Yang "The times they are a-changin': what can we learn about the seasonality of plant functioning using remote sensing?"
Feb. 25 Elizabeth Crone "Sleeping Beauty or Rip Van Winkle?  Dormancy, aging, and delayed reproduction in orchids and other wildflowers"
March 4 Fulton Rockell “The Competition Between Liquid and Vapor Transport in Transpiring Leaves.”
March 11 Charles Fenster "Bottom-up, Top Down & Sideways. Prespectives on Evolutionary & Ecological Process: Consequences for Conservation Policy"
March 25 Franco Biondi

"Tree rings, divergence, and the paleo conundrum: the view from NevCAN"

April 1

Adrienne H. Roeder

“Giant Cells and Small Cells in Arabidopsis Flowers” 
April 8 Mary Lou Guerinot "Ionome to Genome:  Gene Discovery in Aid of Plant Nutrition, Human Health and Environmental Remediation"
April 15 Madeline Barlett "Shifting B-class Protein-Protein Interactions in the Poales: When, How, and Why?"
April 22 Chris Muir Why do some plants have stomata on both sides of their leaves?
(Marathon bonus: speed-endurance tradeoffs in humans)
April 29 Kirsten Bomblies "Meiotic adaptation to genome duplication"