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Wild Flowers of Eastern North America
Drawn by Elsie Louise Shaw
From the Archives of the Gray Herbarium

Elise Louise Shaw was a collector and illustrator of plants and flowers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Shaw illustrated for How to Know the Wild Flowers and According to Season, both by Frances Theodora Parsons, and collected for the University of Maine, the Gray Herbarium, and the New England Botanical Club. Shaw's family donated this collection of paintings to the Gray Herbarium after arranging for them to be mounted and bound. This collection which is divided into eight folios according to family and ranges in date from 1887-1934, showcases paintings from materials collected by Shaw's friend, botanist and professor M.L. Fernald, as well as other collectors of eastern North American wild flowers, such as C.D. Lippincott and Arthur H. Norton.


Folio I:
Adder's Tongue Family to Iris Family


Folio II:
Orchid Family


Folio III:
Sweet-Gale Family to Crowfoot Family


Folio IV:
Barberry Family to Pulse Family


Folio V:
Wood-Sorrel Family to Dogwood Family


Folio VI:
Heath Family to Borrage Family


Folio VII:
Mint Family to Lobelia Family


Folio VIII:
Composite Family


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