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Material Duplication and Reproduction
Policies and Procedures

The Botany Libraries reserve the right to restrict reproduction of its materials due to condition, size, donor requirements, or staffing issues.
I. Photographic Reproduction (Includes positive and negative prints, slides, and transparencies)
II. Scanning
III. Archival Material

Reproduction services available from the Botany Libraries range from scans to custom photography when the condition and format of the material permit. Orders may be placed through the Head of Public Services, who will evaluate the request and determine if the nature and condition of the material is appropriate for duplication. If so, the requestor will receive a cost and time estimate.

When items are reproduced, the images must retain their original integrity. They may not be manipulated, cropped, or otherwise altered unless this is clearly noted in the credits accompanying the image. Permission to use materials from the Botany Libraries does NOT give the user exclusive rights to the material.

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) mandates that users follow the laws governing photocopying and the reproduction of copyrighted materials. Libraries, archives, and museums may be authorized to provide photocopies and reproductions for certain uses and the Head of Public Services or the Library Director will determine if authorization is warranted.

For example, if a user requires material for private study, scholarship, or research, the request for reproduction is generally granted. If the user seeks to publish without permission, or economically gain, or otherwise exceed the "fair use" of the materials, they may be in violation of copyright. The Botany Libraries reserves the right to accept or refuse requests to reproduce materials, based on the judgment of their staff and their understanding of copyright law.

Reproduction generally involves some cost to the institution. For this reason fees have been attached to various reproduction processes and a distinction in fees has been made between reproduction for research and study and reproduction for non-educational and commercial purposes. Fees for research and study are generally lower than are those for non-educational and commercial uses. Commercial uses may include but not be limited to any publication, broadcasting, video production, self-copy, exhibits, product presentations, interior design, decorating, etc.

II. Photographic Reproduction
(Includes positive and negative prints, slides, and transparencies)

Material may be copied when, in the judgment of the staff, such copying will not damage the original item, will not duplicate an inordinate portion of the material, and is not prevented by US Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code).

Photographing of material in the Botany Libraries collections is provided as a service to expedite research and reduce handling of documents. Therefore, the patron is required to provide a negative or duplicate slide for the Libraries' collection for subsequent requests.

All photographic reproduction orders are done in house or sent to the Widener Library Imaging Services Department. Please contact the Head of Public Services for more information about fees for specific jobs.

Please remember photographic reproduction does not constitute permission to publish or distribute the material. Permission forms are available and are for one-time use only.

III. Scanning

The Botany Libraries provides digital reproduction or scanning services of materials in the libraries' collections for a fee. The staff reserves the right to restrict reproduction of its materials due to condition, size, donor requirements, or staffing issues. Any manipulation of digitized images beyond cropping and minor adjustments to balance and contrast is strictly forbidden.

All scans are on a flat bed scanner. The maximum size of the scan is 11" X 14".

All digital reproductions will be provided on a disk or via e-mail. Patrons must provide their own disk. A fee of $10.00 per image plus a flat $10.00 service fee is charged for each order placed by non-Harvard University Herbaria individuals and organizations. Prepayment is required for all digital reproduction services. University accounts may be billed directly.

Digital reproductions will be available for pick-up within seven business days. An additional fee of $2.50 will be added to mail orders and will require an two to three business days for delivery. "Rush" orders may be accepted at an additional charge by permission of the Head of Public Services.

IV. Archival Material

Researchers are not permitted to photocopy archival materials. Requests for copies may be directed to the Head of Public Services who will determine the suitability of the request based on the nature and condition of the material. Appropriate permission forms will be provided when requests are granted.


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