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Scientific Writings For Scientific Audiences:

1. "Report on Trees of United States": ms draft in Gray's hand, about 40 pp., with letter to Smithsonian on progress of the report, dated April 15, 1850. [Report was not completed by Gray and was not published.]

2. "Rutaceae and Vitaceae": ms draft in Gray's hand; has printer's smudges but is not listed in his bibliography and does not correspond to those sections of the Synoptical Flora

3. "Contributions to American Botany: 1. Revision of some Polypetalous Genera and Orders percursory to the Flora of North America and 2. Sertum Chihuahuense: appendix." : ms draft in Gray's hand ; draft sent to printer, published in Proc. Am. Acad. XXII, 270-307 ("Communicated Dec. 8, 1886")

Synoptical Flora of North America: [Note: The Synoptical Flora was published in segments over the years. Vol. II, Part I (Gamopetalae after Compositae) was published in 1878; Vol. I, Part II (Caprifoliaceae-Compositae) was published in 1884. A collected volume (The Gamopetalae) was published in 1886, consisting of a second edition of Vol. II, Part I and a republication of Vol. I, Part II with supplementary notes. All of these were the work of Asa Gray. Two more sections of the flora (Polypetalae) were published after Gray's death, edited by B. L. Robinson and based on Gray's manuscripts as well as contributions by others: Vol. I, Part I, Fascicle 1 (Ranunculaceae-Frankeniaceae, pp. i-ix, 1-208) was published in 1895 and Vol. I, Part I, Fascicle 2 (Caryophylaceae to Polygalaceae, pp. x-xv, 208-506) was published in 1897. In the following listing, manuscripts are arranged chronologically.]

Vol. I, Part II: earlier draft, not sent to printer; entirely in Gray's hand; Order LXXIII Compositae
4. [1] & [2] Brief description of compositae, diagnosis of the tribes, synopsis of the genera under their tribes, only through Tribe III (Asteroideae); does not correspond closely to printed volume; note on first page says "Began April 2, 1879; Began anew Aug. 1, 1879" [3] Tribe I. Vernoniaceae [4] Tribe II. Eupatoriaceae

5. [5] Tribe III. Genera 19-29 [6] Tribe III. Genera 30 and beginning to 31 [7] Tribe III. Genus 32 [8] Tribe III. Genus 32 [9] Tribe III. Genus 32 [10] Tribe III. Genus 32 (end) & 33 [11] Tribe III. Genus 34 [12] Tribe III. Genera 35-43 [13] Tribe III. Genera 44-47 [14] Tribe III. Genera 49 & 50 in printed volume, labeled 50 & 51 in ms


Vol. I, Part II: manuscript sent to printer; handwriting varies; large sheets
6. Caprifoliaceae -- Dipsaceae: in Gray's hand, first page missing

7. Compositae -- Keys to sections & genera: in Gray's hand

8. Compositae -- Tribe 1 veroniae & Tribe 2, Eupatoriae, Genera 1-18: mostly copied over in a neat hand with a few sections in Gray's hand

9. Compositae -- Tribe 3 Asteroideae, Genera 19-33: partly copied over in a neat hand, partly in Asa Gray's hand

10. Compositae -- Tribe 3 Asteroideae, Genera 34-48: mostly in Gray's hand, parts in neat hand

12. Compositae -- Tribes 4 & 5 in part, Genera 53-104: in Gray's hand, missing Genus 52

13. Compositae -- Tribe 5 in part, Genera 105-127: in Gray's hand

14. Compositae -- Tribe 6 Helinordeae, Genera 128-169: in Gray's hand

15. Compositae -- Tribes 7 & 8, Genera 170-194: in Gray's hand

16. Compositae -- Tribes 9-11, Genera 195-234: in Gray's hand (Genus 235 on p. 444 is left out)


Vol. I, Part I, Fasc. 1
17. Orders I - IX, Ranunculaceae to Fumariaceae: all in Gray's hand, corresponds to pp. vii, 1-98; VI Nymphaeaceae and VIII Papaveaceae are incomplete

18. Order X, Curciferae: in Sereno Watson's hand; only selected genera (rest were done by B.L. Robinson)

19. Orders XI - XVII, Capparidaceae - Frankeniaceae, and Orders XIX, XX, XXII - XXVIII, XXXI (two with this number), XXXII, XXXIV, XXXV, XXXIX, XLI and unnumbered, Portulacaceae - Anacardiaceae,(printed orders XX, XXII, XXIV-XXVIII, XXX, XXXI, XXXIII-XXXVII, XXXIX, XL, XLIII): in Gray's hand

20. Miscellaneous pieces of copied manuscript, some in B.L. Robinson's hand


Vol. I, Part, I, Fasc. 2
21. Order XVIII Carophyllaceae: Mostly consists of printed pages mounted on sheets with changed added in B. L. Robinson's hand. Ms. has page numbers in red, 948-1019.

22. Manuscript sent to printer: corresponds to pp. ix-xv, 321-475 with gaps, some in B.L. Robinson's hand. Orders XXVI (partial, Malvaceae) to Supplement with some orders left out, particularly those written by other than Gray Herbarium staff


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