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Personal Notes:

32. "Memoir of Jeffries Wyman delivered before Boston Society of Natural History": manuscript in Gray's hand, 62 pp. Published in Proc. Bost. Soc. Nat. Hist. Oct. 7, 1874, pp. 9-37 and Am. J. Sci. III, 9: 81-93, 171-177.

33. "Memorial of Joseph Henry": manuscript in Gray's hand, about 50 pp. Published in Smithsonian Report for 1878, pp. 143-158, and in the Congressional Record, March 4, 1879, 3-10



34. "Dr. Gray's Familiar Lectures on Botany to may daughters when they were children, & he a member of the family. J.T. (Not published.)" Manuscript in Gray's hand, about 80 pp.; set up as 7 letters; for John Torrey's daughters.

Lowell lectures. Gray was engaged to do a series of 12 lectures that began in early 1844 and then did additional series in 1845 and 1846. Based on notes in the collection, Gray devoted the first season's lectures to the "structure and growth, economy and life of plants," the second season to "flowerless or Cryptagamous plants," and the third season to "systematic and geographical botany." Notes for the Lowell lectures 1861 or about that time, 1st, 2nd & 3rd course -- not complete." This is clearly erroneous as to the date and, baseed on the description of the courses noted above, also erroneous as to the courses included, since there do not seem to be notes covering the topics of the first season. There are eight folders which seem to correspond to lectures 2-9 of the second season. There are eleven groups of manuscript which seem to correspond to subject matter of the 3rd season, but they do not form any clear sequence. It is likely that they were re-used for other occasions, as later dates appear on some of the folders and on materials in the groups. All are manuscripts in Gray's hand.

35. Second season notes: [first lecture missing, by apparently on ferns] "Lect. 2. Equisetaciae, Ferns, Lycopodiaceae ...", 55 pp. "Lect. 3. (Mosses & Hepaticae)", 28 pp. "Lect. 4. Hepatica & Lichens" 25 pp. "Lect. 5. Fungi commence ...", 30 pp. "Lect. 6" [Blights, Mildews, Rusts, Smut], 31pp. and a printed page "Lect. 7. Finish Fungi (Spontaneous Generation)", 37 pp. and a clipping "Lect. 8. Algae", 26 pp. "Lect. 9. Lower Algae. Conferrae(?). Diatomiaceae", 47 pp with 2 clippings

36. Third season notes: Section labeled "3rd Course Lowell" in Jane Gray's hand; gives an introduction, 17 pp. "Lect. I" gives a history of taxonomy, 62 pp. "Lect. 12" explains classification; could possibly have been meant as last lecture of 1st season; A. Hunter Dupree note says internal evidence suggests a date of c. 1845. Front cover also says "March 1852 Lect. 2", 43 pp. "Geographical Distribution 1" - inside sheet labeled "Lect. 10"; another inside sheet is dated "March, 1853" and seems meant for a college course, 17 pp. "Lect. 10" - seems to be plant distribution in relation to heat distribution, 16 pp. "3, 1862; 2, 1863" - note in Jane Gray's hand says "Lowell Lecture used later?"; is about plant distribution in relation to relief and distribution of land and water, 43 pp.


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