Library of the Gray Herbarium Archives


1 & 2. Two address books, n.d.

3. Correspondence with scientific societies, 1853-1887 (15 letters)

4. Correspondence with Harvard College, 1842-1873; letters and copies of letters pertaining to initial and subsequent appointments and salary; letters pertaining to leave, 1850; copy of letter pertaining to Farlow's appointment, 1880.

5. Correspondence with University of Michigan: 2 letters, 1838 and 1842

6. Wilkes Expedition: agreements signed by Gray and Wilkes; notes on proposed format of Botany of the expedition

7. Letters to George Bentham, 1840-1883, typescript copies

8. Letters to William Marriott Canby, 1867-1887, typescript copies

9. Letters to Alphonse de Candolle, 1840-1887, ts copies

10. Letters to Richard William Church, 1853-1887, ts copies

11. Letters to James Dwight Dana, 1856-1886, ts copies

12. Letters to Charles Robert Darwin, 1809-1882, ts copies

13. Letters to Daniel Cady Eaton, 1858-1887, ts copies

14. Letters to George Engelmann, 1840-1857, ts and ms copies

15. Letters to George Engelmann, 1855-1868, ts and ms copies

16. Letters to George Engelmann, 1869-1883, ts copies

17. Letters to Sir Edward Fry, 1882-1887, ts copies

18. Letters to Gray family, 1834-188-, ts and ms copies; letters are to Asa Gray's father, father, Elsada (sister), Alice (niece), and Jane Gray

19. Letters to Benjamin Daniel Greene, 1841, ts copies

20. 1 letter from Gray to Joseph Henry, 1838; 3 letters from John Torrey to Joseph Henry, 1835. Ts copies.

21. Letters to Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, 1844-1887, ms and ts copies

22. Letters to Sir William Jackson Hooker, 1835-1850, ms copies

23. Letters to Sir William Jackson Hooker, 1851-1855, ms copies

24. Letters to Sir William Jackson Hooker, 1856-1865, ms and ts copies

25. Letters to Gen. Joseph Howland, 1869, ts copies

26. Letters to Susan Mary Loring Jackson, 1868 and 1885, ts and ms copies

27. Letters to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Potts James, 1863-1883, ts copies

28. Letters to John Howard Redfield, 1846-1887, ts copies

29. Letters to Joseph Trimble Rothrock, 1878-1879(?), ts copies

30. Letters to George Thurber, 1854-1876, ts copies

31. Letters to Dr. & Mrs. John Torrey, 1831-1844, ts copies

32. Letters to Dr. & Mrs. John Torrey, 1845-1849, ts and ms copies

33. Letters to Dr. & Mrs. John Torrey, 1850-1872, ts copies

34. Letters to Dr. John F. Trowbridge, 1837-1838, ts copies

35. Letters to Charles Wright, 1848-1885, ts copies

36. Letters to George Frederick Wright, 1875- 1880(?), ts copies

37. Letters to unidentified people, 1873 and n.d., ts and ms copies

Note: The originals of some letters from Gray (not the same as the above) may be found in the Historic Letters file. Letters to Gray which were found in the green boxes have been filed in the Historic Letters file.


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