Library of the Gray Herbarium Archives

Botanical Manuscripts, Notes, etc.

1. Gray's notes on Compositae of Thurber's Collection

2. Dr. Gray's measurements of big trees in California, 1872

3. "Dr. Gray's handwriting" - miscellaneous notes and tidbits jumbled together

4. Memo book from a European trip

Notebooks on herbaria, in chronological order:
5. On cover: "Lam Dict herb. Muhl 1834 1840" Inside: Lamarck Dictionary

6. On cover: "Hb. Muhl. Nov. 1840" [Herbarium Muhlenberg]

7. On cover: "Notes made in Herb. Lindl. Feb. 4, 1839, Feb. 25, 1839" [Herbarium Lindley]

8. On cover: "Herb. Walter. Feb. 9, 1839 (1788)"

9. On cover: "Herb. Delessert. April 8, 1839" Inside: Pl. Am. Bor. in Hort. Malmaison, Vent. illustrated

10. On cover: "Alsineae Fenzl. Specimens are put with my Caryophyllaceae. A. Gr." Inside: Vindobona [Vienna], May 29-31, 1839

11. On cover: "Herb. Reg. Monac." [Munich] Inside: Notabilia in Herb. Reg. Monacense (June 13- , 1839)

12. On cover: "Carices Schkulinana [of Schkuhr]/ Aug. 2 & 3, 1839 ad Hort. Bot. Halle in camera olim Sprengel"

13. On cover: "Herb. Willdenow I Monandria-Triandria (Spec. Pl. Vol. I, pars. 1) Aug. 7-8, 1839" [Berlin]

14. On cover: "herb. Willdenow II - Tetrandria-Heptandria. Aug. 8-10, 1839"

15. On cover: "Herb. Willdenow III - Octandria-Monadelphia. aug. 10-12, 1839"

16. On cover: "Herb. Willdenow" Aug. 12, 1839"

17. On cover: "herb. Willdenow" Inside: "Herb. Willdenow V Syngenesia. Aug. 13, 1839"

18. On cover: "Herb. Banks 1839" [Sir Joseph Banks - London] Inside: Herb. Ganks, Autumn (Sept.) 1839/ Old Bartram (William) Little Separate Collections.

19. On cover: "Hb. Hooker Hb. Paris" Inside: Herb. Hooker [at Kew], Dec. 1850; Herb. Paris; Herb. Jussieu

20. On cover: "Hb. Banks & Hb. Lindl. notes 1851. Revise" [Lindley]

21. On cover: "Herb. Lindley. April 1851" stamped "Horticultural Society, 21 Regent St." Inside: Herb. Hooker

22. On cover: "Herb. Linn. July 1851" [Linnaean Society, London]

23. On cover "Herbaria notes 1850-51"

24. On cover: "Herb. Webb 1851" [Paris]

25. On cover: "1851. Herb. Michx." [Michaux]

26. On cover: "DC 1851" [De Candolle -- Geneva]

27. On cover: "1869. Herb. Michx. Herb. Jussieu. Herb. Linn." Inside: Herb. Mus. Paris, 1869. Herb. Michaux; Herb. Mus. Paris GJnJrale & Jussieu; Herb. Linn., Aug. 1869

28. On cover: "Herb. Plukenet, Herb. Clayton - Brit. Mus. 1869" Inside: Plukenet (Brit. Mus.); Herb. Clayton F. Virginica, Oct. 1869

29. On cover: "Notulae Candolleanae A. Gray, 1869" Inside: Herb. DC, July 1869

30. Spine says "Gray" Inside: Memoranda of plants to be consulted or enquired out in Herbaria, Dec. 1870

31. On cover: Madrid. Paris. Sherard. Asters Lindley, etc. Willdenow" Inside: Pl. Herb. Madrid; Herb. Lagasca; Herb. Paris, Nov. 18, 1880 General; Aster Herb. Michx, Aster Herb. Jussieu; Herb. Tournefort; Herb. Spach; Herb. Commerson; Asters of Morison Hist. Oxford; Asters Herb. Sherard, Oxford; Aster Hb. Lindley; Asters of Herb. Willdenow, Feb. 1881

32. On cover: "Revisio Solidaginum in Herb. Ait. [Aiton], Linn. [Linnean], willd. (Willdenow) 1880-1881" Inside: Solidago Herb. Linn. July 12, 1881; Solidago Herb. Sherard; Solidagines Herb. Smith July 12, 1881; Solidago Ait. Herb. Kewensis Herb. Banks.

33. On cover: "Aster, etc. Herb. Paris, rev. Aster & Solidago L. Nutt DC [Nuttall DeCandolle] 2nd revis. of Willd" [Willdenow] Inside: March 3 & 4, 1881 - Aster Hb. Jussieu; Herb. Nuttall; May 14, 1881 - Aster Herb. De Candolle; Compositae Herb. De Candolle 1881; Herb. DeCandolle & Boissier; Compositae Herb. De Candolle 1881; Solidago Hb. Willdenow at Kew June 24, 1881; Herb. Poiret; Herb. Boissier 1881; Herb. Paris; Herb. Jussieu; Herb. Pylaie; Herb. Michaux

34. On cover: "Herb. Linn. 1881" Inside: Adnotations Herb. Linn. July 24, 1881

35. On cover: "Asters Herb. Linn." Inside: Asters of Herb. Linn. July 25, 1881

36. On cover: blank [apparently notes from 1885 trip to California] Inside: San Diego, Cal. March 22; Big Madro~na, San Rafael, March 21; Monterey & San Fr.; April 26; April 28

37. On cover: "1887. Humboldt & Bonpland - Paris; Herb. Michaux & GJnJral - Paris; Herb. Lamarck - Paris; Herb. Jussieu - Paris; Herb. Walter - London"

38. On cover: "MiHino & SessJ, Ic Mex" [Icones Mex.] Inside: Herb. Prodromus, De Candolle, May 1887

39. On cover: "Ait. [Aiton] Herb. Kewensis"

40. On cover: Banksianae. Orchideae"

41. On cover: "Notul. Benth. [Bentham] Bertol. Misc. Bot." [Bertolini-Miscellanea Botanica, Part 3]

42. On cover: "Herb. Gen. Berol. Part 1" [Berlin]

43. On cover: "Herb. gen. Berol. Part 2. Endogenae"

44. On cover: "Hb. Boissier"

45. On cover: "Aster Herb. Brit. Mus."

46. On cover: "Brunonianae" [Robert. Brown]

47. On cover: "Notes made with Arnott Dec. 27-28" Inside: Notes on DeCandolle Prodromus by Arnott

48. On cover: "Herb. DC" Inside: Herb. DeCAndolle. Prodromus Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, part 1 ad fine Solidaginem, Vol. 5 (pars 2) post Solidagines, Vol. 6 & Vol. 7, pars 1

49. On cover: "herb. De Candolle Prodr. 7 pars ined" [unpublished]

50. On cover: "Plants of Frank from Ohio, named and distributed by the Unio Itineraria (Herb. Mus. Paris)"

51. On cover: "Geneva (notes on various works)"

52. On cover: "Plantae Haenkeanae" [Haenke]

53. On cover: "Lupinus. Villosus Elliott. in Herb. Hook. ; Nootkatensis Unalaschka - St. Petersb. [St. Petersburg] ; List of Trinius' determinations to grasses sent by either Lindley or Hooker, perhaps both"

54. On cover: "Oenotherae in Herb. Hook."

55. On cover: "Ribes in Herb. Hook. am. Sept."

56. On cover: "Andromedeae etc. Am. Boreales. Hookerianae, non-nullae" [some]

57. On cover: "Herb. Humboldt. Mus. Par. [Paris] Imperfect"

58. On cover: "Herb. A. L. Jussieu"

59. On cover: "Herb. Kunth"

60. On cover: "Herb. Lehmann" [Hamburg]

61. On cover: "Mem(?) Cyperaceae. Herb. Lindl." [Lindley]

62. On cover: "Herb. Linn."

64. On cover: "Acad. Philad." Inside: Miscellaneous notes on plants in Herb. Acad. Philad.

65. On cover: "Pursh's Plants in Herb. Lamb." [Lambert - England]

66. On cover: "Pursh"

67. On cover: "Herb. de La Pylaie. Mus. Par."

68. On cover: "Herb. Sherard. Oxford"

69. On cover: "Herb. Webb. Paris"

70. Folder containing fragmentary notes: notebook labeled "Berlin, Vienna, Paris"; unlabeled notebook with miscellaneous notes on plants and addresses


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