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1. Autobiographical account, starts before his birth and continues to beginning of his term at Harvard

2. Autobiographical account, typed version of above prepared for Jane Gray's edition of Letters of Asa Gray; 3 pages on Gray's ancestors in Jane Gray's hand; list of Asa Gray's trips to Europe in a letter to Walter Deane from Jane Gray, 1888


Background on Gray's early life

46. Letters from members of Gray's family about his early life and from others acquainted with his school background, 1888-1889. Information concerning Utica High School.

47. Letters, newspaper clippings and other printed materials pertaining to Fairfield Academy

48. Fairfield Seminary Review, Oct. 1888. Contains references to Asa Gray on p. 5.


Personal reminiscences, impressions and anecdotal material

49. Jane Gray's reminiscences of Asa Gray -- ms notebook and typed notes

50. Reminiscences of people who worked or studied with Asa Gray: 2 letters from John H. Redfield, 1888; "The Story of Shortia" by C.S. Sargent, 1888; letter from W. W. Bailey in response to Shortia article, 1889; letter from Joseph T. Rothrock, 1888

51. Letters to Jane Gray from Torrey family, 1888-1890

52. Misscellaneous reminscences, impressions, anecdotes -- letters and newspaper clippings



Asa Gray Vase

53-57. Autograph letters of contributors to Vase fund; the letters were originally sent to Charles R. Barnes; Walter Deane Acquired them and gave them to the Gray Herbarium (or possibly directly to the Grays). Letters are arranged alphabetically by contributor.

58. Gray's letter of thanks; poems to Gray presented with the vase; articles about the vase; correspondence concerning the location of the vase -- 1890, 1919, 1940, 1953. See also: "Dr. Gray's 75th Birthday (1885)" -- scrapbook containing letters to Gray and clippings about the vase, in Gray Index Cabinet 2.

59. Cambridge L.L.D., June 20, 1887: invitations, programs, tickets, copy of speech, newspaper clipping

60. Oxford L.L.D., June 22, 1887: Invitations, programs, tickets, copy of speech, newspaper clipping

61. Edinburgh L.L.D., August 1, 1887: invitations, programs, tickets

62. Miscellaneous honors: Missouri Botanical Garden bust, 1883 -- pamphlet about Lilium Grayi -- described in Curtis's Botanical Magazine, May 1892; N.Y.U. Hall of Fame -- memorandum concerning wreath for bust; newspaper clippings


Portraits, busts, etc.

63. Letter from Alice Gray to Jane Gray re St. Gauden's relief of Asa Gray (which is on landing to first floor). Letter re medallion of Asa Gray made by Edward A. Spring. Clippings.


Summaries of Gray's life published before he died

64. Articles from general and scientific newspapers and magazines, 1873-1886


Illness and death

65. Letters and cards received in Gray's last illness and clipping re illness

66. Death announcements; obituaries and other posthumous accounts of Gray's life; galleys of W.G. Farlow's Memoir of Asa Gray read before the National Academy

67. Tokyo Bot. Mag. II, no. 14, 1888 or 1889 -- with article on Gray

68. Oriental Science Magazine, No. 107, Aug. 25, 1890 and

69. no. 108, Sept. 25, 1890 -- with life of Gray by K. Miyabe, given to Mrs. Gray by author

70. The Chautauquan, Sept. 1907, with article on Gray by Charles Reid Barnes, given by author

71. Resolutions of various organizations on death of Asa Gray, 1888-1889. Loosely laid in scrapbook. See also: Memorial of Asa Gray, a scrapbook of clippings about Asa Gray, mostly posthumous.

72-76. Letters of sympathy on the death of Asa Gray, 1888; mostly to Mrs. Gray, although some are addressed to Charles Eliot and to members of the Harvard botanical staff. Arranged alphabetically by sender.


Mrs. Gray's edition of The Letters of Asa Gray

77. Autumn announcement of Houghton Mifflin, Sept. 1893, including notice of The Letters of Asa Gray; 25 revies of The Letters, 1893-1894 and n.d., in chronological order

78. Scrapbook with reviews pasted in, 1893-1894 and n.d. Some are duplicates of above.

79. Xerox copies of reviews in scrapbook which are not duplicates of preceding folder

80-83. Correspondence pertaining to The Letters Gray. Mostly letters to Jane Gray thanking her for complimentary copies that she mailed out. There are a number of letters from relatives and alos correspondence with the publisher. Mostly 1893-1894, letters arranged alphabetically by writer.


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