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Archives Policies

Researchers will observe the following policies and procedures to ensure the preservation and security of the collections. Please review the rules before beginning work in either of the reading rooms.

Researchers may consult materials from the archives only by appointment. Please allow one week for the processing of written and e-mailed requests.

Archives appointments are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Visitors must register and complete a Permission to Examine form at the beginning of each visit.

Researchers may bring into the reading room only materials needed for note-taking, including laptop computers. Coats, bags and other personal property are to be kept in the area provided near the reference desk.

Researchers must use pencils when taking notes. Pencils are available at each computer workstation and study table.

All material should be handled with great care. Nothing should be placed on top of a book or manuscript. Researchers may be asked to wear gloves when using photographic materials and certain other items.

Material should be laid flat on the table or used with a provided book rest; no material should be rested on the table's edge, on a book, or in one's lap. Notes should never be made on top of the material being consulted.

Manuscript and archival materials should be kept in order. No marks or annotations should be added or erased. No tracings or rubbings may be made.


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