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William Almeron Terry (1828-1917)
Bound Letters



William Almeron Terry lived in Bristol, CT. He was a merchant and owned or ran Terry's Art Gallery. His hobbies included the collection and study of diatoms, as well as photography. He created slides of his diatom samples and exchanged both slides and samples with a number of other diatom enthusiasts. He published articles in Micrographie Preparateur, American Monthly Microscopical Journal, Rhodora and may have had a column in American Journal of Photography.

Known Publications:

There are 27 published papers by William A. Terry (almost all on diatoms). They are as follows:

Terry, W.A. "How to find Diatomaceous Earth." The American Monthly Microscopical Journal. 15(3): p. 93. March, 1894.

Terry, W.A. "Sur un etrange mode de developpement chez le genre Surirella." Le Micrographe Preparateur. 8(1905) p. 57-60.

Scope and Content:

Letters to William A. Terry, ca.1864-1913. With photographs and printed material attached.


One bound volume of letters (mostly handwritten) and other material addressed to William A. Terry. Arranged in alphabetical order by author.


The provenance of this collection is unknown. These letters probably went from the Terry estate to George A. Fisher and then were purchased from Fisher by Clarence A. Cheever. Cheever then donated them to the Farlow.


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