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Only limited biographical information has been located regarding Jane Boit Patten. She collected plants in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and Greece, 1899-1900. According to a note with the manuscripts, she went to Crete with Mrs. Emile Williams. She was apparently acquainted with the anthropologist Harriet Boyd Hawes (1871-1945), as she contributed "Spring Flora of the Kavodsi [?] Region" to Hawes' Gournia Vasiliki..... (Hawes was engaged in archaeological excavations at Gournia, Crete in 1901, 1903 and 1904.) Patten apparently also collected in California, as a note with the manuscripts refers to Dr. Johnston's being interested in her California plants. Patten's herbarium was given to the Gray Herbarium in 1938.


Scope and Content:

The Patten papers consist of two small notebooks and three looseleaf notebooks with pages tied together with ribbon. The small notebooks are both field notebooks that use a format of columns for recording collecting, numbers, date, place, formation, soil, altitude, height, name and remarks. The looseleaf notebooks contain field information in Latin written under plant names which are arranged by family; many of the plants referred to appear to be from Greece.



Patten may have given the notebooks with her herbarium.


Container List: (BOX BB)


1. Field notes on the flora of Switzerland, May - July, 1899, numbers 1-520. There are also some blank collection labels placed in the notebook.

2. Field notes on plants collected in Hungary (1899); Greece (1899-1900) ; Crete (1900); Kabovol (1900); and Vallombrosa (1900).
There are also a few loose notes.

3. Latin field notes, Santalaceae - Coniferae

4. Latin field notes, Ranunculaceae - Araliaceae

5. Latin field notes, Caprifoliaceae - Plantaginaceae


Indexed in main file under:
Patten, Jane Boit


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