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The Henry David Thoreau Herbarium


Henry David Thoreau

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Henry David Thoreau may be best known as a writer, but he was also a botanist who collected hundreds of specimens of New England plants to create his own herbarium.

Thoreau was first exposed to botany as a student at Concord Academy, where he was taught by Phineas Allen. Later Thoreau took classes at Harvard on natural history topics including botany, and began using books such as Flora Bostoniensis by Jacob Bigelow.

In 1842, Thoreau first began using Latin names for plants in his Journal. The arrival in 1846 of naturalist Louis Agassiz at Harvard, and the publication in 1848 of Asa Gray's Manual of Botany helped to encourage Thoreau's interest in botany. Thoreau's earliest herbarium specimens were collected in 1850. Over the next few years, he read many botanical works and increased his field observations. Thoreau continued to collect for his herbarium over the following years, until his collection grew to about 900 specimens.

Only about half of the specimens include the location where the specimen was collected, but most include a Latin plant name, usually written in a casual manner in pencil. He created his herbarium mainly as an way to determine the identity of plants found in Concord and other New England areas.

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