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Dr Schultes in the Amazon

Dr Schultes

Dr Schultes collecting plants
with Maku helpers, 1952

Dr Schultes

Dr Schultes with dancer

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Some oversized posters are located in the Economic Botany Archives
Photographs of Dr. Schultes are located in the Gray Herbarium Photographic Collection
Main collection of Dr. Schultes materials is located at the Harvard University Archives


Container List:

Series I (See subject files/printed material/research notes)
Folder 1: General Correspondence, 1937 - 1999
Folder 1. 1875-1949
Folder 2. 1950-1954
Folder 3. 1955-1959
Folder 4. 1960-1969
Folder 5. 1970-1979
Folder 6. 1980-1987
Folder 7. 1988-1989
Folder 8. 1990
Folder 9. 1991-1992
Folder 10. 1993
Folder 11. 1994-1995
Folder 12. Jan-May 1996
Folder 13. June-Oct. 1996
Folder 14. Nov.-Dec. 1996
Folder 15. 1997-1998
Folder 16. no date
Series II (See hevea/ethnobotany research notes/printed material/index cards)
Folders 1-30.: Identifications
Series III (See Hevea printed material/manuscripts)
Folders 1-16. General Hevea notes/research
Folders 17-19. Hevea Brasiliensis
Folder 20. Hevea camargoana
Folder 21. Hevea camporum
Folders 22-23. Hevea guianensis
Folders 24-26. Hevea microphylla
Folders 27-28. Hevea nitida
Folders 29-31. Hevea pauciflora
Folder 32. Hevea rigidifolia
Folder 33. Hevea spruceana
Folder 34. Hevea research notebook and Hevea field experiment notebook, May-Dec 1952 (See series IX)
Series IV (See printed material/manuscripts)
Folder 1. Miscellaneous Ethnobotany research and miscellaneous notes
Folders 2-6. Ayahuasca printed material and notes
Folder 7. Biodyamic plants
Folders 8-14. Desfontainia printed material, manuscripts, research, photgraphs and plates
Folder 15. Herrania printed material
Folder 16. Jessenia photograph negatives and correspondence
Folder 17. Joannesia research notes
Folders 18-20. Jurema printed material
Folder 21. Macoubea & Inga printed material and notes
Folders 22-28. Micrandra manuscript, printed, photographs, research notes
Folder 29. Quotations for ethnobotany research
Series V (See Printed Material, Research material)
Folder 1. Bibliography - RES
Folder 2. A brief talk at a church in Terrington, Yorkshire, England- A talk at the World Wildlife Fund annual meeting- The Ageless Association of Man and Hallucinogenic Plants in the Americas
Folder 3. The Amazon and Agriculture of the Future- Amazonian Ethnobotany and the Search for New Drugs
Folder 4. Conservation of Plant Lore in the Amazon Basin- The Doctrine of Signatures: a force in Medieval Medicine and Botany- Ethnobotanical Conservation and Biological Diversity in the Northwest Amazon- Ethnobotanical Conservation in the Amazonia - An Imperative Urgency; Ethnobotanical Evaluation of the Colombian Area Region- Ethnobotanical Evaluation and Plant Diversity in the Amazon
Folder 5. Ethonobotany in Mesoamerica- Ethnopharmacological notes on Araceae of the northwest Amazonia
Folder 6. The Importance of Ethnobotany in Environmental Conservation
Folder 7. Mayatec Drugs
Folders 8-10. The Plant Kingdom - A Thesaurus of Biodynamic Constituents
Folder 11. The Principal Hallucinogenic Plants of the Americas: A Synopsis
Folders 12-14. Psychoactive Plants
Folder 15. Richard Spruce - The Man
Folder 16. The Science of Ethnobotany
Folder 17. The Vigrin Field in Psychoactive Plant Research
Folder 18. Writings about Northwestern Oaxaca
Folder 19. untitled manuscript written in English
Folder 20. untitled manuscript
RES - Non English
Folder 21. Agunos Apuntes Botanicos Sobre las Curubas- Un Emporio Inexplotado de Riquezas Etnofarmacologicas- El Noroeste de la Amazonia- Plantas Nativas en la Agricultura Indigena de la Amazonia Colombiana- untitled manuscript written in spanish
RES Hevea
Folders 22-26. Hevea manuscript and notes
Folders 27-30. The History of Taxonomic Studies in Hevea
Folder 31. Minor Latex Plants of Colombia- Nomenclatorial Changes in Hevea Guianensis- Rubber and History: The Role of a Natural Product in Man's Recent Development- Rubber: A Century Old Cultivated Crop Plant an its Future Potentials- Studies in the Genus Hevea IX- Studies of Hevea Brasiliensis in the Leticia Area- White Blood of the Amazon: Hevea rubber trees in the wild
Other Authors Manuscripts
Folder 32. Notas Sobre la Dimension Cultural del uso de Yaje entre los Indios del Vaupes, Colombia by G. Reichel Dolmatoff- An Overview Toward the Jungle Selection of Indigenous Rubber Trees by Russel J. Seibert- Recommendations for Hevea Nursery Layout by Ernest P. Imle and W.E. Manis
Folder 33. The Rubber Production in the Dutch East Indies by P.J.S. Cramer
Series VI (See Research Notes/subject files)
RES Printed Material
Folder 1. The 1991 Lindbergh Award Lecture- Antiquity of the Use of New World Hallucinogens- Burning the Library of Amazonia- Colombia's Nation Tree: The Wax Palm- Conservation of Plant Lore in the Amazon Basin- A Contribution to Our Knowledge of Rivea Corymbosa: the Narcotic Ololiuqui of the Aztecs- A Conspectus of the Genus Cunuria
Folder 2. Ethnobotany, Biological Diversity, and the Amazonian Indians- Ethno Pharmacology of the North West Amazon: Unexpected Chemical Discoveries- From Ancient Plants to Modern Medicine; Iconography of New World Hallucinogens- Ilex Guayusa from 500 A.D. to the Present; Importance of Plant Chemicals in Human Affairs- Inebriantia: An Early Interdisciplinary Consideration of Intoxicants and their effects on man
Folder 3. The Journals of Hipolito Ruiz, Spanish botanist in Peru and Chile, 1777 - 1778
Folder 4. Plants in Treating Senile Dementia in the North West Amazon- Psychoactive Plants in Need of Chemical and Pharmacological Study- Recognition of Variability in Wild Plants by Indians of the Northwest Amazon: An Enigma;-Richard Spruce: An Early Ethnobotanist and Explorer of the North West Amazon and Northern Andes- Richard Spruce Still Lives
Folder 5. Speech on LSD and Marijuana- Studies of Early Specimens and Reports of Ilex Vomitoria- Tropical American Hallucinogens: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?- Tropical Forests and Sources of New Biodynamic Compounds- A talk at the Word Wildlife Fun annual gold medal ceremony; untitled article published in The Sciences March/April 1994
RES Hevea Printed
Folder 6. The Amazon Indian and the Evolution in Hevea and Related Genera- A New Infrageneric Classification of Hevea- The Odyssey of the Cultivated Rubber Tree
Folder 7. Sudies in the Genus Hevea I-III, VI, and VIII
Other Authors Printed
Folder 8. Aggressive Chemicals in Plants by Thomas Reynolds- Alkaloid Analyses of Botanical Material More Than a Thousand Years Old by Bo Holmstedt and Jan-Erik Lindgren- Alkaloid Analyses of Botanical Material more than a Thousand Years Old by B. Holmstedt and Jan-Erik Lindgren- Amazonia's Rich Storehouse of Genes Vital for Improving Food and Cash Crops by Nigel J.H. Smith- Axteca en el Estudio Comparativo del Hongo Alucinante by Robert Ravicz
Folder 9. Balancing Technological Intervention with Natural Recovery Processes, a Lindberg Grant Application 1997; Bibliography of Materials Relating to the Indians of the Vaupes and Adjacent Territories by Michael Lambert
Folder 10. A Center of Crop Genetic Diversity in Western Amazonia - Charles R. Clement; El Ciclo del Caucho - Roberto Pineda Camacho; Cultivated Plant Diversity and Taxonomy - J.G. Hawkes; Cased Deer Person Gift, Tobacco Use of Native Americans - Joseph C. Winter; The Destruction of the Tropics - Peter H. Raven
Folder 11. The Ecology of the Amazon - Lyall Wastson; Ethnobotany and the Search for Balance Between Use and Conservation - Jennie W. Sheldon and Michael J. Balick; Estudios Sobre Solanaceae. VII - Armando T. Hunziker; Estudios Sobre Solanaceae. VIII - Armando T. Hunziker; Exploring the Tropics for New Medicines - D.D. Soejarto
Folder 12. El Financiero - March 1952; Floods of Fortune by Michael Goulding, Nigel J.H. Smith and Dennis J. Mahar- Forensic Medicine (pg. 830) by Frank Raasch, Jr.- Forest Medecine by Jack May
Folder 13. The Glass Bead Trade - Hallucinations by Ronald K. Siegel - Historical perspective and future of ethnopharmacology by B. Holmstedt - The History of Plant Breeding, An Evolutionary Process Guided by Man (chapter 4 of "Origin of Cultivated Plants", p. 143-168) by F. Schwanitz
Folder 14. Indigenous Medicinal Plants in Mexico: the Example of the Nahua by Claudia Weimann and M. Heinrich- - In the Brazilian Jungle They Have a Story To Tell by James Brooke - In the War on Kudzu, A Scientific Stragtegy by Rick Bragg - Jaborandi: An Interdisciplinary Appraisal by B. Holmstedt - Lights in the Summer Darkness -yby James E. Llyod - The Monroe Wall Symposium - Metabolism and Function of Alkaloids in Plants by Trevor Robinson - The New Role for Ethnobotany by M.J. Balick
Folder 15. Newsletter of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (2) 1996 - El Orinoco en dos Direcciones by Dr. J. Huber
Folder 16. Peyotism in the West by Omer C. Stewart and David F. Aberle - Pharmakologische und Experimentalpsychologische Untersuchugen mit 2 - Phylogenetic Significance of Pollen Nuclear Number in the Euphorbiaceae by Grady L. Webster and Earlene A. Rupert - The Physiological Properties and Chemical Constituents of Some Habit Forming Plants by Varro E. Tyler, Jr.
Folder 17. Plan Nacional de Desarrollo Alternativo - Plant Screening - A Field Test Manual by Robert F. Raffauf - A Practical and Natural Taxonomy for Cannabis by Ernest Small and Arthur Cronquist - Principales Productos Rorestales no Maderables de Mexico by Carlos Francisco
Folder 18. Psychotomimetic Agents by Alexander T. Shulgin
Folder 19. Psychotomimetic Drugs: Structure-Activity Relationships by Alexander T. Shulgin
Folder 20. Resia:A New Genus of Gesneriaceae by Harold E. Moore, Jr.
- The Role of Hallucinogenic Drugs and Sensory Stimuli in Peruvian Ritual Healing by Donald Joralemon - Saurauia Oroquensi: A New Species of Actinidiaceae from Colombia by Djaja Djendoel Soejarto
Folder 21. Secrets of the Forest by A.C. Roosevelt - Sinopsis de la Familia Solanacea en Colombia by Rafael Castillo Pinilla
Folder 22. Vegetationsbilder by Zwolfe Reihe and E. Ule - What is there that is not poison? by W.B. Deichmann - We're killing our world by Peter H. Raven - untitled article on the Amazon Ecological Inventory - Paper from Agricultural Wastes published by Cornstalk Products Co. (see Series X) - Illinois Journal of Commerce, December (issue made of cornstalks) (see Series X) - Revista de la Academia Colombia, June 1952 (see Series X) - El Instituto de Ciencias Naturales de la Universidad Nacional, 1959 (see Series X) - Hevea-other authors (See Hevea Research Notes)
Folder 23. The India Rubber Journal articles
Folder 24. Adolpho Ducke-Tracos Biograficos, Viagens e Trabalhos - Walter Egler - Aspectos Tecnicos en la Produccion de Caucho Hevea - Alfonso Uribe Henao
Folder 25. Bicentenary of the Discovery of Rubber in Europe, 1751-1951 - Bibliography on the History of Natural Rubber - Biological Analysis of Germplasm Collection of Taxa with Enneametric Systematics by Antony Santiago - Biosynthesis of Rubber by James Bonner - A Botanist's Approach to natural rubber production by P.R. Wycherley
Folder 26. Camporum Ducke by Luiz O Adao Teixeira - Chromosone Morphology at the Pachytene Stage in Hevea Brasiliensis by S.H. Ong - Chronologische Uebersicht Uber die Altere Kautschukgeschichte by Leo Eck - Contribuicao ao Conhecimento Morfologico, Fitogeografico e Ecologico de Hevea - The Cooperative Hevea Rubber Development Program in Latin America by R.D. Rands - Crown Budding for Healthy Hevea by H.G. Sorensen
Folder 27. Developments in the Plastics and Rubber Product Industries by J.C. Rajarao - The Diamond Jubilee of Rubber by John Hockin
Folder 28. Ensaio d'uma Synopse das Especies do Genero Hevea by J. Huber - Environmental Awareness (Jan-Mar 1995) - Evolution of the Rubber Industry by H.N. Ridley - Floras Brasiliensis, Euphorbiaceae by Joannes Muller - Fomento del Cultivode Caucho Naturalen la Amazonia - Fequency of Tapping and Amount of Rubber Obtained
Folder 29. The Genus Hevea by P.R. Wycherley
Folder 30. Harvard University Gazette (July 13, 2000) - Hevea by Duke - Hevea: A first Interpretation by J.T. Baldwin, Jr - Hevea Reminiscences by P.R. Wycherley - Hevea Rigidifolia by J.T. Baldwin, Jr. - Hevea Rubber Culture in Latin America by R.D. Rands
Folder 31. The Introduction of Hevea Brasiliensis toMalaya by Paul Wycherley - Latex and Latex Vessels in Hevea by W. Bobilioff - Latex Sensitivity - Loss of Oil from the Hevea Seed by J.T. Baldwin, Jr. - Malaysian Plastics and Rubber by Plastics and Rubber Institute of Malaya - Man Finds his Food by chapter one from The Story of Food, by I.D. Garvard
Folder 32. The Native Habitat of the Para Rubber Tree by Carl D. La Rue - Natural Rubber as a Green Community by Wan Abdul Rahaman - Natural Rubber: Biology, Cultivation and Technology by M.R. Sethuraj and N.M. Mathew - Natural Rubber: Its Origin and Future Prospects by B.L. Archer
Folder 33. Notas de Herbario I by Joao Murca Pires - Notas Sobre a redescoberta de Hevea Camporum Ducke by Walter A. Egler & Joao M. Pires - Notes on Tapping of Hevea Rubber by the Method of Paring by R.H. Lock - Notes sure les Arbres Caoutchouc de la region de l'Amazone by J. Huber - Novas Contribuicoes para o Conhecimento do Genero Hevea by J. Huber
Folder 34. Observacoes Sobre as Arvores de Borracha da Regiao Amazonica by J. Huber - Observations sur les Arbres a Caoutchouc de la region Amazonienne by J. Huber - One Hundred Years of Hevea Brasiliensis in Malaysia by P.R. Wycherley - One Hundred Years Ago by Elizabeth P. White - Os Nossos Conhecimentos Actuaes Sobre as Especies de Seringueiras by J. Huber - Pharming Rubber Trees by Janet Raloff and Richard Lipkin
Folder 35. Processing of Rubberwood by Ho Kam Seng and Choo Kheng Ten - Propagation of Hevea Brasiliensis with Particular Reference to the Three-Component Tree by E.P. Imle - En el Puumayo y sus Afluentes by Eugenio Robuchon
Folder 36. Report on Investigation and Collecting of Plants and Seeds of the Indian Rubber - Robert Cross - The Rubber Country of the Amazon by Henry C. Pearson - Rubber in Malaya, a book review by P. R. Wycherley Folder 37. The Spanish Discovery of Rubber by H. Schurer- The Study of Hevea in the Republic of Peru by R.J. Seibert
Folder 38. Tapping the Rubber Tree - Trees of Para and Ceara and Balsam of Copaiba by Robert Cross - The Uses of Hevea for Food in Relation to its Domestication by R.J. Seibert - War Spreads the Rubber Project by Loren G. Polhamus - O Genero Hevea, Desscricao das Especies e Distribuiacao Geografica by Juan Murca Pires - see Series X
Series VII (See research notes/printed and manuscript material)
Folder 1. Colombian Indian Tribes
Folder 2. Conservation International Grant proposal (printed proposal-checks and notes)
Folder 3. Kofan Ethnobotany
Folder 4. Luis Eduardo Luna
Folder 5. Maps-research (notes on maps used for research)
Folders 6-12. Mark J. Plotkin (printed material and correspondence)
Folder 13. PIRB (printed material and correspondence) Folders 14-15. Ruiz Diary (manuscript part of diary, correspondence, prologue and acknowlegements) Folders 16-20. R. Gordon Wasson (printed material on mushrooms/psychedelic drugs authored by Wasson) Folder 21. Joe Winter
Series VIII
RES biographical Information/material/clippings
1. 1953
2. 1956-1983
3. 1984-1989
4. 1990-1992
5. 1993-1997
6-9. Biographical Material
Series IX - Miscellaneous
Folder and Photographs
1-9. Removed from collections with see also notes.
Box: Hevea field experiment notebook, May-Dec 1952 (see hevea research)
Box Carved Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer and other Chinese manuscripts
Index Cards (see research notes): Card box Bibliography notes
Card box Classification notes
Card box Cassette Tape (Shamanistic healing music)
Interview: 2/5/1993 at Harvard Botany Museum- 4 videotapes
Series X - Oversize Material
Box: O Genero Hevea, Desscricao das Especies e Distribuiacao Geografica by Juan Murca Pires (see hevea research/Series VI)
Box: Revista de la Academia Colombia, June 1952 (see Series VI)
Box: El Instituto de Ciencias Naturales de la Universidad Nacional, 1959 (see Series VI)
Box: Paper from Agricultural Wastes published byCornstalk Products Co. (see Series VI)
Box: Illinois Journal of Commerce, December (issue made of cornstalks) (see Series VI)
Cornstarch newspapers:
Oversize box: Sunday Commercial News (16 Dec. 1928). Sections 1 and 3 (2 copies each). The first newspaper to be printed on cornstarch paper.
Oversize box: Genera of Gymnospermae with some more important Economic Species
Oversize box: Economic Plants of the Monocotyledons
Oversize box: Economic Plants of Metachlamydeae
Oversize box: Mezia includens (Benth.) Cuatr.
Oversize box: Plate of "The Microscopic World of The Molds"
Oversize box: Plano de Lima y de la Costa
Oversize box: Plan de la Provincia de Chancay
Oversize box: Unidentified plate
Oversize box: Plan geografico de la Provincia de Huarochiri
Oversize box: Plan de la Provincia de Tarma y sus Anexos
Oversize box: Plan de la situation de los rios huallaga y ucayali
Oversize box: Plan de la Provincia de Xanxa y sus anexos
Oversize box: Plan de la Provincia de los huamalies
Oversize box: Plan de la Provincia de Canta
Oversize box: Descripcion geografica de la Provincia de Caxatambo
Oversize box: Plan de la Ciudad de Santiago del Reyno de Chile
Oversize box: Plano de la Ciudad de Lima capital de el Reino del Peru
Oversize box: Colombian Amazonia with its Four Comisarias (1940-1960)
Oversize box: Indian Tribes of the Colombian Amazon
Oversize box: Indian Tribes of the Colombian Amazon (larger)
Oversize box: Republic of Colombia
Oversize box: Rio Apaporis
Oversize box: Santarem (South America, Amazon region)
Oversize box: Tapaua River in Amazonas, Brazil
Oversize box: Ucayali River in Peru Oversize box: Wild Rubber Selection Program, location of wild rubber trees, 1943-1946 (2)

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Scope and Content:
Series Descriptions:

More Dr. Schultes materials are located in these collections:
Some oversized posters are located in the Economic Botany Archives
Photographs of Dr. Schultes are located in the Gray Herbarium Photographic Collection
Main collection of Dr. Schultes materials is located at the Harvard University Archives

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