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Archives of the Farlow Herbarium
of Cryptogamic Botany


Farlow Herbarium, circa 1923

Researchers may consult materials from the archives only by appointment or written request. Send inquiries to Please allow one week for the processing of written and e-mailed requests.

Below is a listing of the Farlow Library archival collections. Click on a specific collection to access its finding aid. This will provide you with biographical information, collection scope, size, and material types.


Ahmadjian, Vernon (1930-)
Allen, Lizzie C.
Bartram, Edwin Bunting (1878-1964)
Blackford, Eliza Beulah (1847-1935)
Blakeslee, Albert F. (1874-1954)
Bullard, Charles
Burt, Edward Angus (1859-1939)
Cheever, Clarence A. (1858-1947)
Clarke, Cora H.
Clarke University Herbarium
Dodge, Carroll William (1895-1988)
Farlow, William G. (1844-1919)
Farlow Library Archives
Faull, Joseph Horace
Fisher, George
Francis, George
Friends of the Farlow
James, Thomas Potts (1803-1882)
Lamb, Ivan Mackenzie (1911-1990)
Linder, David Hunter (1899-1946)
Krieger, L.C.C. (1873-1940)
Merrill, George Knox (1864-1927)
Morris, George E.
Riddle, Lincoln W. (1811-1921)and Gertrude H. Riddle
Sayre, Geneva (1911-1992)
Seymour, Arthur Bliss (1859-1933)
Singer, Rolf (1906-)
Sparrow, Frederick Kroeber II (1903-1977)
Sullivant, William Starling (1803-1873)
Terry, William Almeron (1828-1917)
Thaxter, Levi Lincoln (1821-1883)
Thaxter, Roland (1858-1932)
Weston, William Henry Jr. (1890-1978)
White, William Lawrence (1908-1952)

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